Dorados y Cromados starts its journey in the year 88 in the basement of an ancient palace of the historical center of Palma developing restauration works for lamps and sacred materials for churches or work on yachts.


Over time, the company’s goal led to the famous polish group antirheumatic Rayma bracelets, coming to have a daily production of about 9000. This demand concentrate 100% of the activities of the company until 98.


At that time, the Community of Raiguer (within its industrialization plan) proposes to Diego Varas, owner of Dorados y Cromados, as the recipient of structural funds incentives of the European Union to mount the current workshop, a fact confirmed in the year 96.

After the fall in demand for Rayma Bracelets, Dorados y Cromados concentrated its activity on plating (chrome, galvanized, nickel, etc.) Restoration and protection of all types of metal.


In 2000, Dorados y Cromados enters in to the world of jewelry, buying gold and silver baths. Today we can say that this Company covers almost all the metal treatment services.